About the introduction of the high speed spiral door

High speed spiral door, also known as aluminum alloy fast door, is a metal industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection. It is an innovative product in the field of industrial technology. This high-speed door is not only resistant to strong winds, but also has a high degree of airtightness, reliability and practicality. The following are its characteristics.

1. Fast operation: equipped with high-speed servo control motor, the speed is up to 2 meters per second, and can be adjusted independently; it supports high-frequency switching, can work more than 500 times a day, and runs more than 300,000 times without failure every year.

2. High-strength material: high-quality aluminum profiles are selected inside and outside, and the interior is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material.

3. Safety settings: The bottom edge is equipped with soft bottom airbag protection to prevent people from being accidentally hit. There is an infrared protection device on the aluminum alloy column, which can sense the vehicle personnel entering and leaving, so as to ensure that the door body will not drop when passing.

4. Simple operation: the button on the right side controls the switch, and there is also an emergency stop protection device, which is simple and easy to operate.

5. Automatic or manual opening: The factory standard is manual button control, and manual devices can be selected: pull rope switch, card access control, remote opening, automatic induction, geomagnetic coil induction, radar induction, etc.

6. Manual device: In the event of an emergency power failure, a reserve power supply is installed inside the electric control, and the door can be lifted and opened by means of a balance system, which can effectively solve the problem that the door cannot be opened due to a power failure.


The technology of the high speed spiral door is at a high level in the field of industrial doors. It can also ensure good sealing performance under high-pressure working environments, and can withstand strong winds exceeding grade 11. It has fast opening speed and high safety, and is suitable for logistics channels that are frequently opened and closed at high speed, storage workshops, cold storage, etc., as well as factory gates that require wind resistance and heat preservation, underground garages and other places.

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