Introduction of clean room high speed door

The building products used in pharmaceutical laboratories and pharmaceutical workshops all have high quality and high requirements, such as durability, high air tightness, sound insulation and other functions. Nowadays, many medical institutions, laboratories, food factories, etc. have begun to use them Clean room high speed door. Next, I will introduce the advantages of the clean room fast door.

1. High air-tightness The clean door is installed on the same plane as the door frame and the wall, and there are sealing strips around the door frame, which can meet the air-tightness requirements of medical institutions, food factories, purification workshops and other places.

2. The clean room fast door has the advantages of wear resistance, stamping resistance, flame retardant, antibacterial and mildew resistance, etc., and can effectively solve the problems of frequent use and friction.

3. Quiet and comfortable, the clean room fast door is easy to clean and meets the strict requirements of hospital hygiene. Open and close mute provides a comfortable and quiet environment.

4. The door curtain is made of PVC material, which is safe and environmentally friendly. The styles are rich and varied, and the colors are rich and bright. Customers can customize the color according to the actual style of the site. The transparent window has strong sealing performance and the overall appearance is elegant.


The clean room high speed door can meet the needs of use, the product quality is high, and the guarantee function is strong. Therefore, many users will regard the clean room fast door as the first choice for the pharmaceutical workshop.

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