Features of high speed spiral door

The high speed spiral door is a new type of metal industrial door that combines speed, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection. It has high reliability and practicality. Its operating speed is more than 6 times that of the industrial sectional door. With its extremely high With high work efficiency and higher safety, hard fast doors are gradually replacing industrial sectional doors.

1. Turbine high speed spiral door can prevent outsiders from intruding while resisting weather changes. They can cut off indoor and outdoor air convection. They are used in frequent access passages and are an ideal choice for industrial energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. The aluminum alloy high speed door adopts a double-spiral turbine structure. The guide rails are conducive to the acceleration of the door body, making the door body more stable and reducing noise when running at high speed, and improving the safety index. The single turbine structure currently used on the market is prone to cracks in environments with large temperature differences, and in severe cases, safety accidents may occur.

3. Turbine high speed spiral door customized electronic control box, stable performance, variable frequency control, screen display, easy to monitor and detect faults.

4. The aluminum alloy high speed door panel is made of double-layer stretched aluminum plates at one time. The surface is made of fine pressed stripes, anodized and organically colored, and the middle is filled with polyurethane foam.


SEPPES high speed spiral door also have special customized switch devices such as radar induction, geomagnetic induction, and remote control induction.

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