What is the difference between fast door and rolling door?

In contemporary times, after more and more countries begin to pay attention to the workshop production environment, more and more production-oriented enterprises choose to replace the original ordinary rolling door with fast door. Some people may have heard of the fast door product for the first time. The following will explain the difference between fast doors and rolling doors, so that more companies can understand fast doors and have multiple choices when changing doors in the future.

Comparison of fast door and rolling door

  1. Passage: The opening speed of the fast door is 0.6-1.5m/s, while the opening speed of the rolling door is generally around 0.2-0.5m/s. The faster the speed, the less waiting time and the higher the traffic efficiency.

  2. Sealing: The fast door has brush and zipper track options, the latter has better sealing performance, and the bottom is sealed to prevent dust, insects, sound and odor. There is no special sealing treatment for the track and bottom of the rolling door, but the relative odor, insect and wind resistance can still be satisfied.

  3. Safety: The curtain of the fast door is made of soft curtain, and equipped with standard infrared safety sensor photoelectric. Compared with the hard curtain of the rolling door and no safety protection device, the fast door is safer.

  4. Service life: The high-speed door opens and closes hundreds of times a day. Under normal use and regular maintenance, its service life can reach 10 years, and it is not easy to rust. The rolling shutter door cannot be opened and closed very frequently. Since its material is usually steel or aluminum alloy, it is prone to rust on the back, and the normal service life is 5-8 years.

  5. Applicable areas: fast doors have soft curtains and hard curtains to choose from, and are applicable to a wider range of areas, such as workshops, plant exteriors, garages, warehouses, etc. The rolling shutter door only has a hard door curtain, which is only suitable for the exterior of the factory building and the garage.


From the perspective of five aspects, the fast door is much better than the rolling door in terms of practicability, but relatively, the price will be relatively high. It is recommended for enterprises with sufficient budget to choose. The cost performance of the rolling door is relatively high, but its function is not suitable for workshop use. , You can consult SEPPES first to find out the price of the fast door, and then decide which door to use.

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