Advantages of installing high speed spiral door in cleaning rooms

Advantages of installing high speed spiral door in cleaning rooms


As a special place that is extremely sensitive to environmental pollution and particle control, clean rooms require strict environmental control and efficient entry and exit management. In such an environment, high speed spiral door have the following advantages:


1. Environmental isolation and control


High speed spiral door have the characteristics of quick opening and closing, which helps to isolate areas of different cleanliness levels, control the entry and exit of the environment, and maintain the cleanliness of the clean room.


2. Reduce the risk of cross contamination


The sealing performance of high speed spiral door is very good, which can effectively prevent external pollutants from entering the cleaning room. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and helps maintain a stable clean indoor environment.


3. Improve work efficiency


In situations where frequent entry and exit is required, high speed spiral door reduce waiting time and improve work efficiency. Personnel and equipment can quickly pass through the door, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the process.


4. Reduce air loss


The rapid opening and closing of high speed spiral door reduces the time for air loss, helps maintain stable airflow and pressure balance in clean rooms, and reduces energy consumption.


5. Maintain environmental stability


High speed spiral door can reduce fluctuations in temperature and humidity, help maintain constant environmental conditions in clean rooms, and ensure the stability of production and experimental environments.




The application of hard quick doors in cleanrooms can improve environmental control capabilities, reduce pollution risks, improve work efficiency, and comply with strict hygiene standards. These advantages make it a necessary equipment to maintain the stability and cleanliness of the clean room environment.

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