Features of flexible high speed door

Flexible high speed door is a special type of high speed rolling shutter door, also known as high-speed soft shutter door, fast rolling shutter door, etc. It is widely used in industrial, commercial and logistics fields and has functions such as quick opening and closing, thermal insulation, dustproof, insectproof and windproof.

1. Quick opening and closing. Flexible fast doors can open and close at a faster speed, usually operating at a speed of several meters per second. This helps speed up the flow of goods and people and improves work efficiency.

2. Soft curtains. The curtains of flexible high speed doors are usually made of wear-resistant and tear-resistant flexible materials, such as polyurethane, PVC, etc. These soft slats quickly return to their original shape after a collision, reducing damage and maintenance costs.

3. Environmental isolation, these doors can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environment and prevent insects, dust and odors from entering the room, thereby providing a cleaner and hygienic working environment.

4. Safety features. Flexible rapid doors are usually equipped with a variety of safety sensors and devices, such as infrared sensors, photoelectric door edges, anti-collision strips, etc., to ensure that obstacles can be detected in time during the opening and closing process and the movement of the door can be stopped. Prevent accidents from happening.

5. Multiple control methods: The flexible fast door can be controlled in a variety of ways, including remote control, button control, wireless induction, radar, etc., providing convenient operation methods.


In short, flexible high speed door is a modern door category that provide efficient, safe, and intelligent door solutions for various industrial and commercial scenarios through their characteristics of speed, softness, and environmental control.

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