The application of high speed rolling door in automobile production workshop

The quality of automobiles is receiving more and more attention these days. In the process of automobile production from parts to complete products, the clean environment, temperature and dust inside the workshop will affect the quality of the automobile. In order to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, more and more automobile manufacturers choose to install high speed doors.


Improvement of production efficiency


High speed rolling door is also called high speed door. It is driven by a high-speed motor and has an extremely fast lifting speed, which can complete the opening and closing of the door in a short period of time. Compared with the traditional rolling door, it can more quickly complete the personnel and goods in and out, which is particularly important for the production of fast-paced automotive industry. Installation of fast doors can reduce waiting time, reduce production costs and improve workshop productivity.

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Improved environmental cleanliness


The cleanliness of the workshop is crucial for the production and assembly of automotive parts. The design of the fast door is tight and the sealing of the door body is excellent. When the door is closed ,it can effectively prevent the outside world sand, dust, flying insects, etc. into the workshop. Installation of fast doors can maintain the cleanliness of the internal environment of the workshop and greatly reduce the product quality problems caused by dust and other pollution.


Keeping the temperature stable


Some automobile production workshops have special needs for temperature, especially in painting and coating. The curtain of the high speed door adopts advanced sealing technology and materials to ensure that the door body can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor air circulation in the closed state, so as to maintain the stability of the indoor temperature.


Improved security


The high speed door is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric protection as standard. If a person or object passes through the door curtain during the descending process, it can be quickly stopped and raised. In addition, high speed doors can also be equipped with optional airbags and light curtains to improve the safety of passage and avoid accidents. Especially for the staff moving inside the workshop, the high speed door helps to reduce the risk of their work.



Installation of high speed doors in automobile production workshops can increase production efficiency, improve environmental cleanliness, increase the safety of workshop production, and make workshop access smarter.


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