Why storage warehouses choose to install high speed door

In the field of logistics and warehousing, the application of high speed door is becoming more and more widespread. With its unique advantages, this product has gradually become an important equipment for storage warehouses. However, why should storage warehouses use this door, and what practical benefits it can bring? The following will introduce the reasons why storage warehouses choose to install the high speed door.


1. Fast opening and closing

The opening and closing speed of the high speed door is 6-7 times that of the traditional rolling door. Due to the use of advanced transmission system and electric control device, the product's opening and closing speed is very fast. It greatly improves the speed of goods in and out of the warehouse. This is a crucial competitive advantage for modern logistics companies. The efficiency advantage of the high speed door is obvious in the race to the bottom of the warehouse operation.


2. Superior safety performance

Traditional rolling doors are prone to jamming or involvement of foreign objects due to their structural characteristics, and there are certain safety hazards. By adopting high strength materials and unique design, the high speed door ensures the stability and smoothness during operation.

The high speed door is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as infrared protection devices. Once an obstacle or collision is detected, the door will automatically rise to avoid accidents and damage. Optional safety bottom edge and safety light curtain are also available These safety measures safeguard the safety of workers and reduce the risk of work injuries and accidents.


3. Reduced maintenance costs


The high speed door adopts modular design and high-performance materials. The door has a low failure rate and a long service life. In terms of maintenance, regular inspection and cleaning can keep it in good operating condition. Compared with the traditional rolling door maintenance costs are greatly reduced, saving a lot of money for the enterprise.


4. Energy saving and emission reduction


In the context of increasing energy constraints, energy saving and emission reduction has become an important task for various industries. The high speed door in the process of opening and closing, can quickly adapt to temperature changes and remain stable, rapid partitioning, with its overall sealing performance, effectively reducing energy waste. It helps to reduce operating costs and achieve sustainable development.

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In conclusion, the use of high speed door in storage warehouses has now become a trend. This product has significant advantages in improving operational efficiency, ensuring safety, reducing maintenance costs and saving energy.

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