High Speed Spiral Door, First Choice for Fire Garages

In recent years, fires occur frequently, and fire safety issues have received much attention. Fire garage as one of the important safety facilities, in order to protect the rapid mobilization of fire vehicles and rescue efficiency, improve the safety of the garage, more and more fire departments choose to install high speed spiral door.

1. Rapidity

The response time of firefighting vehicles in rescue missions is crucial. High speed spiral door with their high-speed opening and closing characteristics, can quickly open the channel for fire vehicles, shorten the deployment time, improve the efficiency of rescue. The speed of high speed spiral door is generally up to 0.6-2.0 m/s, with special customization up to 2.0 m/s or more. Compared with the traditional door structure, this door supports customized size and color, and will not be affected by the size of the subsequent installation and so on.



Fire garages are used more frequently and have higher requirements for the durability of the door body. High speed spiral door is made of high-quality double-layer aluminum alloy material door plate and galvanized steel frame. The thickness of the door plate is ≥40 mm, which has good corrosion resistance and durability. This door also has a certain anti-impact ability. The whole door body has a long service life and can withstand long time use and various harsh environments.

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3. Safe and stable

Because the opening and closing speed of the high speed spiral door is very fast. In order to ensure its safety, the high speed spiral door is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric protection device as standard, to prevent people or vehicles from being pinched and causing damage when they pass by during the door opening and closing process. This door can also be equipped with optional light curtains and airbags to further protect the safety of firefighters and vehicles to avoid accidents.


Fire garages, as an important facility to ensure fire rescue work, choose high speed spiral door to ensure safety and improve the efficiency of rescue. This door has advantages in safety, rapidity, durability and sealing performance, and can be added to the access control and other devices to limit the opening of unrelated personnel. In the future, with the development of science and technology, it is believed that this product will be more intelligent, providing more convenience and protection for the safe operation of fire garages.

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