Benefits of installing High Speed stacking door at discharge area

In modern industrial production processes, the safe and efficient operation of discharge area is essential for productivity and environmental protection. High speed stacking door, as a type of door specifically designed for unloading area, not only provide a fast and efficient unloading process, but also have environmental characteristics. This article looks at the advantages of installing a high speed stacking door in a discharge port.


1. Fast opening and closing

Conventional doors with slow opening and closing speeds tend to cause material buildup and decreased work efficiency. High speed stacking door can be opened and closed quickly to speed up the unloading process and improve productivity. Moreover, it can effectively isolate the noise during the opening and closing process, reducing the interference to the surrounding environment and staff.


2. Energy saving and emission reduction

The sealing performance of the high speed stacking door is superior. It can effectively isolate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and prevent the exchange of cold and warm air, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, its rapid opening and closing also helps to reduce indoor and outdoor air flow, reducing energy loss, thus realizing the goal of energy saving and environmental protection.



3. Durable and reliable

High speed stacking door adopts soft PVC wear-resistant base cloth, containing anti-breakage fiber with durability, which can operate stably for a long time and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.


4. Good wind resistance

Factory unloading area need to come to load and unload waste materials, so the holes are relatively large. In order to avoid the door body is wind blown bad, high speed stacking door using the back belt folding lifting, and built-in a number of transverse wind rib, strengthen the wind resistance of the door body, to protect the smooth progress of the work.

In addition to the factory unloading area, waste recycling stations, food processing center doorway is also relatively large, so the installation of the product in some areas is also a more common choice. With the continuous progress of science and technology accumulation of high speed stacking door market is also experiencing vigorous development, and at the same time also relatively promote the rapid development of modern factories.

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