Advantages of Installing High Speed Spiral Door at Rubber Outlets

High speed spiral door is skillfully designed, with rigorous production process and fine selection of materials. It is heat preservation and wind resistance, stable performance, but also take into account the beautiful atmosphere and other characteristics. It is often used in various types of garages, warehousing and logistics channels, garbage disposal port and other places that require frequent access. Not long ago, a rubber company customized the product for their shipping ports, and after using it for a while, the feedback was that it was a perfect fit for their shipping ports. Today's article will take you to explore the special features of the product.


1.Improvement of shipping efficiency

High speed spiral door can generally reach 0.6-1.8m/s switching speed, special places require higher can also be customized 2.0m/s or more, which greatly reduces the waiting time for the door switch. Switching cycle time is less, then save more time. With this high speed spiral door can effectively improve the efficiency of work, making the shipment faster.

2Quick isolation of rubber odor contagion

High speed spiral door around the closed structure design with rapid isolation effect, can effectively restrain the spread of rubber odor, to prevent the odor from spreading around the contagion. So as to protect the environment and achieve green development.


3Maintain indoor environment

The quick partition and sealing function of the high speed spiral door not only prevents the indoor rubber from influencing the outdoor environment, but also isolates the bad outdoor weather from influencing the indoor goods to stop the outdoor air from the door gap into the interior. High speed spiral door can better maintain indoor humidity and temperature conditions, protect goods from weather causes mold, deterioration, damage and so on.

4. Enhanced safety


The door plate is made of double-layer aluminum alloy and filled with high-density polyurethane foam, which can resist wind of about 12 levels. The door plate is sturdy and stable, with anti-theft performance, to ensure the safety of the internal plant. And the track is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric protection, and the bottom edge is equipped with airbags to ensure high efficiency and safety when entering and exiting.


To summarize, the high speed spiral door can adapt to the site of efficient work, but also can maintain a good environment for the goods. At the same time it comes standard with a safety device that can also protect the safety of personnel and goods, applicable to many places that need to be opened frequently.

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