The role of roll fast doors installed in welding workshops

There are many types of pollution produced during the welding process and are very harmful. In addition to the need to do a good job of protection during internal production, the internal and external environments also need to be separated. At this time, many companies will choose to install roll fast doors. This product can help to isolate factory buildings and welding workshops to achieve a good working environment. How it is implemented, I will explain to you next.


How does the roll fast door isolate the working environment inside and outside the welding workshop

1. Very good sealing, which can prevent welding fumes and harmful gases generated inside the workshop, thereby protecting the external air circulation.

2. Fast opening can reduce the noise inside the workshop and provide a good working environment for the outside.

3. The anti-radiation curtain can block the light radiation and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the welding workshop to improve work safety.

The above three points are based on the pollution that is likely to occur in the daily production of the welding workshop, which is also the main reason why more and more car companies choose to install roll fast doors. If you want to find a manufacturer with related cases, you can look at the designated brand SEPPES of Geely, Chery, Ford, Volkswagen, Foton Lovol, Higer and other auto companies. For detailed parameters and quotations, please contact us.

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