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Nanjing Fast Door UV Protection Helps Enterprises Work Safely

Long term ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the body. For example, the ultraviolet energy is extremely high, and there is no protective measures, which is very easy to cause great harm to the human body. Ultraviolet rays exist in some factories in Nanjing. If employees work in this environment, it will cause great harm to employees. How to isolate them? This refers to the anti ultraviolet fast door of Xilang.


The ultraviolet proof fast door of Xilang uses an imported curtain with radiation protection, which is more expensive than the ordinary curtain. It also means that the price will be relatively expensive, and there are tear resistant fibers inside, which can cut off the ultraviolet light and also play a role of impact resistance. The wind resistance ability reaches level 6, and it can also be used as an outdoor door.


In order to further improve the safety of the workshop, the Xilang Express Door is also equipped with a standard safety photoelectric device, which can well sense the obstacles under the door. When closing the door, someone or something passes through the pharmacy, and the door curtain can be opened in a very short time to avoid harm to people or things. At the same time, the safety light curtain and safety bottom edge can also be selected, which greatly increases the safety of the workshop.


Now more and more enterprises have replaced ordinary doors with fast doors to help enterprises develop rapidly, more efficiently and conveniently.

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