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What are the automatic induction opening methods for speed door?

The speed door can become a common door in the workshop mainly because of its intelligent electronic control system, which is more in line with today's intelligent traffic needs, so what are the automatic sensing methods? The following is a collection of automatic sensing methods that can be realized by speed doors at present, for your reference.


1. Geomagnetism, cut out a pit on the ground in front of the door, put in the geomagnetism, and then fill the ground, only the forklift can be sensed.


2. Radar, install radar on the door, and automatically open the door when entering the sensing area, which can be sensed by both people and forklifts.


3. AGV linkage, the AGV car sends a signal to the door control box, and the door automatically opens the door after receiving the signal.


The above are the three common automatic sensing methods, as well as manual operation functions such as card swiping, face recognition, and rope pull. We can formulate appropriate solutions according to customer needs. If you need detailed solutions, you can consult SEPPES.

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