Reasons for installing anti-collision columns on fast rolling door

The application of fast rolling doors is becoming more and more widespread. We sometimes see anti-collision columns installed outside some rolling doors. Next, this article will explain the reasons for installing anti-collision columns.

When it comes to fast rolling doors, one of its characteristics is that it is very fast and can be opened and closed quickly. It is usually used in underground garages, factory workshops, logistics storage channels, factory buildings and other places. There are usually vehicles entering and leaving the above places. If the driver does not operate properly It is easy to hit the door. In this case, the repair cost will be higher if the door is damaged, and even the entire door needs to be replaced, which will cause losses to customers. At this time, the existence of anti-collision columns is very necessary.


The anti-collision column is usually installed about 50 centimeters in front of the fast door. At the same time, it is also necessary to paste reflective strips or other signs reminding to slow down on the track, which can protect the fast rolling door to a higher degree.

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