Features of high speed stacking door

High speed stacking door generally refer to the doors used in industrial warehouses and factories. High speed stacking door are the name of the doors. There are fast stacking doors for workshops. The first is vertical lift. The following are the characteristics of stacking doors:

       1. The high speed stacking door can be opened frequently 500-800 times a day, and has a long service life, usually 8-10 years;

       2. The high speed stacking door is a vertical folding door, which does not have the disadvantages of traditional industrial doors and has a brand new quality;

       3. High speed stacking door can achieve fast passage, material PVC vertical folding and intelligent switch, allowing continuous and rapid switching, reducing indoor and outdoor air circulation;

       4. High speed stacking door can save space: large-area PVC materials can be stored in a small volume, effectively saving space;

       5. The high speed stacking door has good wind resistance. Even if our stacking door is large in size, it also has high wind resistance. The wind resistance is 9-10 within 20 square meters. Wind level 6-8;

       6. The high speed stacking door has better sealing, and PVC still has good sealing performance even in windy weather.


The curtain of the high speed stacking door of SEPPES brand is detachable, and only one curtain needs to be replaced for later maintenance, which is more economical and practical.

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