Advantages of Industrial Sectional Door

At present, there are many industrial sectional door produced by many manufacturers on the market, also known as sectional lifting doors and industrial sliding doors, which are suitable for external and internal doors of buildings, and are controlled electrically by spring tension, pulley sliding, and frequency conversion intelligent control system. Form a complete operating system. Here are its advantages.

1. Our torsion springs are made of high-quality spring steel, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, which can achieve 30,000 cycles of use;

2. The pulley is made of nylon material, which reduces friction, helps lifting, and runs lightly and smoothly;

3. After the professional test of heat conduction and heat preservation, the conclusion of the thermal imaging test is that there is almost no heat loss, and there is no frost on the door panel by visual inspection, and the heat preservation will not decrease due to the increase of the door panel area;

4. When customizing the middle door, the small door and the large door are interlocked. When the small door is not completely closed, the large door cannot be opened to ensure the safety of the door;

5. There is a hinge connection between the door panels, and there is a special embedded reinforcement device for the hinges. Through screws, three fixed points are formed inside the door panels to ensure the connection strength between the hinges and the door panels.


The overall shape of the industrial sectional door is simple and elegant, beautiful and practical, safe and heat-preserving, and it saves the space occupied by the factory, so it is widely used in the factory.

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