Features of industrial sectional door

The industrial sectional door is composed of multiple door panels. The single door panel is 40mm thick and 50mm thick. The door panel material is 0.45mm thick color steel plate baking paint. According to customer needs, aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel can be customized. The height of the single door panel is 500mm. . Due to the large size of industrial lifting doors, they are usually widely used as external doors of large factories, logistics garages, warehouse workshops and other places where it is inconvenient to install doors, and are more popular with customers in such occasions.

1. According to the structural design of the building, the lifting door opens vertically upwards and hangs horizontally on the inner side of the wall above the door opening, which does not occupy any indoor space and releases the door opening space to the greatest extent;

2. The double-layer door panel is filled with polyurethane foam material, the door panel is thick, easy to clean, and beautiful;

3. Good thermal insulation performance, the double-layer door panel is filled with high-density polyurethane 48kg/m3 thermal insulation layer, and the thermal insulation effect is good;

4. Noise isolation, low noise opening, nylon pulleys reduce friction, and the door can be started silently;

5. Good wind resistance, thick door, usually can resist 8-10 winds according to the size of the door;

6. Good sealing, the top, bottom and both sides of the door are equipped with EPDM rubber sealing strips, there is a reliable seal between the door panels, and the airtightness is excellent;

7. Standard safety device, wire rope anti-fall device, torsion spring anti-break device, safety airbag, these three safety configurations, according to different lifting methods, the turning lifting is also equipped with a safety configuration of end buffer to reduce door damage in any way The possibility of people and things.


Sectional door’s surface treatment is color steel plate baking varnish, which is characterized by strong durability, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, non-fading, easy maintenance, and long-lasting like new. It is mainly suitable for external doors of medium and high-end factories.

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