Application of high speed door in car wash room

The high speed door is a door product that integrates sealing, durability, speed and convenience. Its unique construction and materials give it distinct advantages in every situation. Here are a few important reasons why this product is recommended for car washes:

1. Good sealing:

Double rows of card-seat sealing brushes can be installed inside the door frame. Together with the U-shaped bottom edge and the integrated door head sealing box, they form a four-sided air-tight structure, which has a good rapid isolation effect and effectively reduces the conduction of indoor and outdoor temperatures. Especially in places like car washes that need to maintain a clean environment, sealing can protect the vehicle and minimize the impact of external impurities.

2. Durable and easy to maintain:

The imported PVC door curtain with surface self-cleaning function is used, which is wear-resistant and tear-resistant, strong and impact-resistant, and has a long service life. At the same time, its structure is simple and maintenance costs are low. This kind of durability is very advantageous for high-use places like car washes.

3. Intelligent features:

Most can be equipped with an intelligent control system, which can remotely control the opening and closing of the door to achieve automated operation. This not only improves convenience but also helps save human resources. In addition, some intelligent designs can also improve safety, such as infrared safety photoelectrics, safety bottom edges, and safety light curtains to provide real-time safety protection.


Installing a high speed door in a car wash room can not only improve the working environment, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the car wash business. 24-hour unmanned car wash shops are gradually becoming an emerging way of car washing. Installing fast rolling shutter doors in car wash rooms can not only improve car washing efficiency, but also reduce labor costs.

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