Application of high speed door in logistics channels

How to improve logistics efficiency and reduce transportation costs has become one of the important issues that enterprises urgently need to solve. Under the needs of enterprises, the combination of fast rolling shutter doors and loading and unloading platforms emerged at the historic moment, bringing new convenience and efficiency to logistics corridors. The following are the advantages of high speed door.

1. Fast isolation: The door opening and closing speed can reach 0.8-2.0m/s, and can be operated continuously for thousands of times a day. Fast opening and closing can help reduce energy loss, provide efficient logistics entrances and exits, and maintain the original indoor temperature conditions and cleanliness. Spend.

2. Automatic induction: The door can be switched on and off in conjunction with any automatic equipment. After the goods pass, the fast door will automatically close. The delayed closing time can be set; there are also a variety of induction methods to choose from.

3. Sealing and insulation: The door curtain can be customized to 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm; sealing brushes are installed on both sides of the track to reduce noise and increase the sealing effect.


High speed door can bring huge convenience and efficiency improvements to logistics passages. If enterprises want to remain invincible in the field of logistics, they must continue to explore innovative solutions to cope with increasingly complex logistics challenges and bring more prosperity and sustainable development to the logistics industry.

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