Application of high speed spiral door in logistics channels

Logistics channel high speed spiral door and logistics channels have a great demand for the use of rolling shutter doors. Especially the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years has put forward higher requirements for delivery speed and logistics transportation efficiency. Therefore, the logistics channel The operating speed of rolling shutter doors is also very high, and the technology of high speed spiral door is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, more high speed spiral door are used in logistics channels.

1. Frequent use, whether it is personnel distributing goods or AGV cars passing through, rolling shutter doors are used very frequently. The daily opening and closing frequency of hard fast doors can reach more than 1,000 times;

2. Good thermal insulation and sealing. Due to the different nature of goods stored in logistics places, there will be constant temperature requirements. The sealing of hard fast doors is particularly good, with good thermal insulation and energy saving;

3. With anti-theft function, hard fast doors also have anti-theft, wind resistance, heat preservation, silent and other characteristics, and are widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, logistics, warehousing and other industries;

4. Multiple opening methods, including Bluetooth, geomagnetic, remote control and other opening methods, as well as infrared, light curtain and other methods to improve safety performance;


SEPPES, a manufacturer of high speed spiral door for logistics channels, has a wide range of products. The quality of hard fast doors can be trusted. Choose high speed spiral door for logistics channels.

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