Characteristics of modern warehouse standard loading and unloading Dock Leveler

In modern enterprises, warehouses ship goods frequently. In order to transport goods more efficiently, warehouses have designed standard loading and unloading dock leveler and set up different types of dock leveler at the shipping port. The advantages of these standard loading and unloading dock leveler will be described in detail below.

1. Adjust the height to fill the gap. The warehouse platform uses an electric hydraulic pump to adjust the lift up and down to make up for the gap between the carriage and the export port and form a stable bridge. This allows forklifts to transport goods quickly and easily.

2. With door seal, it can be used rain or shine. The outlet adopts a standard loading and unloading dock leveler combined with an SGS-certified inflatable dock shelter. The bottom platform connects the carriage and the warehouse, and the top and left and right door seals prevent rain and dust from entering. Even in bad weather conditions, the warehouse can ship goods quickly and is not affected by the weather.

3. The specifications, dimensions, carrying capacity and lifting range of the standard loading and unloading dock leveler can be customized according to needs. Before purchasing, customers can consult professional manufacturers to provide platform height, carriage height, cargo weight and other information for pit design. Then the foundation pit is pre-buried according to the drawings provided by the manufacturer, and finally the procurement and installation are carried out.

4. By optimizing the design and purchase of standard loading and unloading dock leveler, modern warehouses can move goods more efficiently, improve work efficiency, and overcome the impact of weather factors on shipments.


The loading and unloading dock leveler is a necessary component of the logistics channel. SEPPES is selected to improve the efficiency of the physical channel.

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