Pharmaceutical shop install the benefits of zipper high speed door

Pharmaceutical shop install the benefits of zipper high speed door

The pharmaceutical workshop, as an important place for drug production and processing, is related to the safety of users. The cleanliness requirements for the entire process of drug production, from raw material storage to finished products, are very strict. Installing zippered high speed door in pharmaceutical workshops is a very wise choice. For the pharmaceutical industry, choosing the appropriate type of door is an important part of ensuring the smooth production process. The use of zipper high speed door can bring higher efficiency and a better working environment to pharmaceutical workshops.

1. Fast speed and good sealing performance

  The opening and closing speed of the zipper high speed door is very fast, with a speed of up to 2.0m/s. This greatly improves the efficiency of entering and exiting the workshop. Especially in pharmaceutical workshops, frequent entry and exit of personnel and materials is very common. Therefore, the use of fast doors can effectively reduce personnel waiting time and improve workshop efficiency. In addition, the zipper high speed door adopts a suitable structure with a zipper lock, featuring a unique guide rail zipper design and an integrated sealed door body. It can effectively prevent dust, bacteria, and odors from entering the workshop. The pharmaceutical workshop has very strict hygiene requirements, and the entry of any pollutants may have an impact on product quality. The sealing performance of the zipper high speed door can effectively isolate the workshop from the outside, ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene inside the workshop.


2. High safety and good durability

The safety of zipper high speed door is also very high. The zipper high speed door comes standard with safety photoelectric and bottom safety airbag, which can automatically sense obstacles during the closing process and immediately stop movement, avoiding damage to personnel and materials. For pharmaceutical workshops, safety is crucial as there may be hazardous substances and equipment present within the workshop. The safety design of zipper high speed door can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment. The durability of zipper high speed door is also very good. The working environment in pharmaceutical workshops is usually harsh, and there may be some corrosive substances or high temperature environments. However, the material and structural design of zipper high speed door can adapt well to these conditions, ensuring the service life of the doors.




The pharmaceutical workshop is a place that requires high hygiene and safety. The zipper high speed door has good sealing and high-speed opening and closing characteristics, and has become the preferred door for factory workshops. With the continuous development of technology, zipper high speed door will have more applications.

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