Advantages of installing high speed door in food workshops

Advantages of installing high speed door in food workshops

With the development of modern society, fast high speed door doors are well-known and widely used in various industries, but there are still many customers who do not realize the importance of high speed door. Installing high speed door in food workshops is a good choice. Recently, the frequent occurrence of food safety issues has also highlighted the safety hazards in food workshops. Food safety issues are increasingly receiving attention from countries around the world, so today we will talk about the benefits of using high  speed door from the perspective of the food industry.


1. Good sealing performance

In order to prevent food from being contaminated by the external environment, it is necessary to install high speed door. Once the high speed door is installed, the food workshop can be kept clean and tidy, and even frequent personnel entry and exit will not affect the hygiene condition of the workshop. The high speed door can divide the interior and exterior of the food workshop into two independent temperature areas, creating a comfortable working environment for employees, ensuring the optimal effect of workshop air conditioning and purification equipment, and saving electricity. The door frame of the fast rolling shutter door is equipped with a card seat type sealing brush, which has better rapid isolation effect and can effectively isolate dust, smoke, odor, etc. Prevent contamination during food production, affecting the quality of food, and ensure that the produced food meets safety and hygiene standards.


2. Quick opening

The reason why the high speed door can meet the environmental quality requirements of the food workshop is because it has the characteristics of fast opening and high-speed operation. Its opening speed can reach 1.0-1.2m/s, allowing the door curtain of the food workshop to quickly open in a few seconds, thereby greatly isolating air convection and preventing polluted outdoor air from entering the room. Ensure that the air quality in the workshop meets the required dust-free level, and create a good production environment for safe production in the food workshop.



Choosing to install high speed doors is of great significance for food workshops. The curtain of the high speed door is easy to clean, and the track can be made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and prevents rust spots from polluting the workshop environment. It is more convenient to clean and prevents dust accumulation. At the same time, the high speed door has a radar sensing automatic opening, which can avoid multiple people coming into contact with bacteria and create a good production environment for food enterprises. Against the backdrop of increasingly prominent food safety issues, installing high speed door is an essential measure in food workshops, as well as an important measure to ensure food quality and consumer health.


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