Why do food and pharmaceutical factories choose to install high speed door

Why do food and pharmaceutical factories choose to install high speed door


As industries closely related to people's daily lives, the quality of their production environment is directly related to product quality and consumer health. While pursuing efficient production, it is also necessary to ensure strict adherence to strict hygiene and safety standards. Therefore, choosing to install high speed door has become an inevitable choice for these industries.



1. Strict hygiene requirements


Food and pharmaceutical factories must comply with extremely high hygiene standards. The design of the high speed door can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor environment, prevent foreign objects, dust, and other impurities from entering the production area, thereby ensuring the hygiene and safety of the product.



2. Control temperature and humidity


In the production process of food and medicine, temperature and humidity control are crucial. The quick closing function of the high speed door helps to maintain stable temperature and humidity conditions in the production area, ensuring product quality and safety.



3. Improve traffic efficiency


Food and drug production usually requires frequent entry and exit, especially in the stages of raw material placement and finished product packaging. The rapid opening and closing of fast rolling shutter doors improves traffic efficiency, reduces waiting time, and helps to improve production efficiency.



 4. Prevent the invasion of insects and pests


Food and pharmaceutical factories are places where insects and pests are prone to breeding, and the presence of these organisms may pose a threat to product quality and safety. The high speed door can be quickly closed to prevent insects and pests from entering the production area.



 5. Prevent the spread of odors


During the production process of certain foods and drugs, special odors may be generated. To prevent the odor from spreading to other areas, high speed door can be quickly closed to maintain fresh air in adjacent areas.

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