Industrial sectional door features

The export of industrial sectional door is an industrial door revolution. With its unique advantages, industrial doors are increasingly widely used in various factories. The appearance design is simple, the shape is generous, the use is stable and noise-free, the opening is smooth, the sealing performance is better, and the service life is long. In the industrial production process, industrial sectional door have become standard equipment, bringing endless benefits to buyers.

1. Unprecedented industrial sectional door panel. The door panel of the exported industrial sectional door is made of 0.45mm color steel plate, which is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material, giving it excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, sealing and other properties.

2. Innovatively designed bilateral guide rails. The export industrial sectional door guide rails are equipped with auxiliary rails on both sides, which greatly enhances the strength and safety of the door body. It not only makes the door body more beautiful, but also minimizes the space occupied and maximizes the utilization of space.

3. Intelligent devices for safety protection. Export industrial lifting doors are equipped with anti-fall devices and airbags to comprehensively resist the dangers caused by door failure. When a foreign object is detected during door operation, the safety airbag responds immediately and automatically stops or reverses operation, effectively preventing accidents.

4. Oversized door panels open up a wide range of fields. Export industrial sectional door door panels can be made up to 12 meters wide, which greatly increases the scope of application and makes the application fields wider.

5. Emergency switching, easy response. The industrial door is equipped with a manual clutch. Once a power outage or emergency occurs, it can be switched to manual operation mode at any time.


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