Application of high speed spiral door in warehouse

Application of high speed spiral door in warehouse

There is a great demand for the use of fast doors in the external and internal logistics channels of the warehouse building. With the development of the logistics industry, warehouses, as one of the important nodes in the logistics supply chain, are increasingly valued for their role. Therefore, manufacturers have increasingly high requirements for speed door, and the technology for high speed spiral door is also becoming more mature. Next, this article will tell you how to improve the production environment and traffic efficiency of your factory warehouse due to the three major advantages of high speed spiral door.

1.Good sealing performance

The top, both sides, and bottom of the hard fast door are equipped with EPDM sealing strips, and there are sealing rubber strips at the connection of the door panel to isolate the transmission of cold and heat, with good sealing performance. Especially in areas like warehouses that require cleanliness, its sealing can help businesses reduce energy consumption and prevent dust from entering the interior of the warehouse. To reduce cleaning costs and maintain a good warehouse environment.

2.Fast speed and good safety

High speed spiral door are suitable for frequent and fast opening, equipped with high-speed servo control motors that can operate at speeds of 0.8-2m/s.Turn on. It can work more than 500 times a day and run more than 300000 times without faults every year. With its help, staff can handle warehouse logistics needs more efficiently. In addition, it comes standard with an infrared safety anti pinch device. When someone or a car passes through during operation, the door will remain open, and when there are no obstacles below, the door will close after a delay.

3. Reduce maintenance costs

High speed spiral door are made of hard materials such as aluminum alloy or steel plates, which are very durable and can withstand a large amount of impact and friction. Therefore, while ensuring safety, it can also provide a longer service life, reduce maintenance costs and frequency of door replacement for enterprises.




       High speed spiral door also have features such as wind and dust resistance. Installing in a warehouse can not only help enterprises improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, but also ensure the safety of goods, clean warehouse environment, and enhance corporate image. Therefore, when choosi

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