Advantages of high speed door in workshop

Advantages of high speed door in workshop

     Whether in a dust-free workshop or a constant temperature and humidity workshop, personnel and goods flow mostly at the entrance. How to play a significant role in isolation and protection while ensuring the normal flow of personnel and goods? Speed door can solve this problem. The high speed door can divide the inside and outside of the  workshop into two temperature zones, creating a comfortable working environment for employees, ensuring the effectiveness of air conditioning and purification equipment in the workshop, saving electricity, and isolating dust, smoke, odor, insects, etc. Next, this article will specifically introduce to you the advantages of high speed door in which they are reflected.


    1. Convenient switch and sensitive sensing

     The opening speed of high speed door is 1.0-2.0m/s, which is more than ten times the speed of ordinary steel speed doors. And the entire process of automatic door opening and closing eliminates the need for manual access to the door. The high speed door adopts a servo control system imported from Germany, with the characteristics of slow start and slow stop, which can effectively protect the door curtain from damage during such high opening and closing speeds. And the high speed door is equipped with a safety photoelectric device, which is sensitive in sensing. As long as the door curtain falls and there are obstacles blocking the infrared photoelectric device, the door curtain quickly rises, ensuring the safety of goods and personnel passage. In addition, the high speed door door can also be equipped with optional controls such as radar, geomagnetism, remote control, Bluetooth, access control, facial recognition, and remote apps.


    2. Good sound insulation effect

     There are usually noise sources in the workshop, such as production tools, mechanical equipment, and other items. These noises can have a negative impact on employees' physical health and work efficiency. The door frame of the fast door is equipped with a double row card seat type brush, forming a four sided air tight structure with a U-shaped bottom edge and an integrated door head sealing box. The door adopts high sealing materials and patented design technology, which can effectively isolate noise and reduce the spread of noise in the workshop. Its sealing ability can block the spread of noise inside and outside the workshop, making it relatively quiet inside the workshop, providing employees with a good working environment and greatly improving their work efficiency and comfort.


    3. Protection function

    The installation of high speed door in the workshop not only has the characteristics of good sound insulation, but also has strong protective functions. In the workshop.There are usually some harmful threats to employee safety, such as dust, odors, gases, etc. This high speed door fully considers these factors in material selection and design. It is made of special materials such as dustproof, anti-static, and flame retardant, which can effectively isolate harmful substances inside and outside the workshop. At the same time, the high speed door can also withstand wind pressure, waterproof, anti-corrosion, etc., ensuring the stability and safety of the internal and external environment of the workshop.







     Nowadays,high speed door have been widely used in the industrial production field. They not only provide good sound insulation effect, protect the health and safety of employees, but also achieve rapid closure and improve productivity. Create a quieter, safer, and more efficient working environment for the workshop.

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