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SEPPES: Making Global Factory Traffic SmarterWho is SEPPES?SEPPES is a brand manufacturer in the industrial equipment industry. It has developed nearly 70 series of industrial high speed door, sectional door, high speed spiral door, three-in-one industrial defense doors, warehousing logistics loading dock leveler and dock shelter, cold storage insulation high speed doors and special explosion-proof industrial doors. SEPPES continues to innovate in technology in accordance with European industry standards. It has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE...
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Unilever (China) Limited
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Ford Motor Company
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PVC door curtain
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Coca-Cola cooperation case(SEPPES)
Seafood cold room
Food cold room
Seafood cold room
Food cold room
Foton Motor
Harman Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.
BAIC Group
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